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Directech's goal is to become leading suppliers by providing innovative process control applications. Supplying professional customer support and engineering services. Directech has been in operation for the past
21 years and came about as a specialist automation systems provider. The company has completed many successful turnkey automation projects in the Automotive, Mining, Chemical, Food and Beverage and Process industries.

The company's success can be attributed to a sound team of engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical, electronic and software design.
This means that we as Directech have the ability to accommodate the customers specific needs and to comply to the customers specifications.

Directech strives to ensure that the ethics and integrity of its employees, managers and directors is beyond reproach. Directech promotes the key qualities of respect and professionalism in all our relationships.Directech's Code of Conduct outlines standards to ensure that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible.

The changing social and economic environment in South Africa has a direct effect on all business sectors, encouraging specialized local design and development in many industry sectors.

As productivity and the ever increasing pressure for higher wages in all industries worsen, it is expected that electronic control, security, movement management and reporting will play an ever increasingly important role to meet the modern day efficiency requirements in South Africa.In addition, growing global competition requires more effective, productive and proactive management of resources.
Real-time, accurate information is the key to successful Resource Management, enabling quick and correct decision making.


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